Jesus Never Fails

Awaiting the Maturing of the Saints


Sunday School - 10:00 AM

  • Adult Discussion - Rich Ellison
  • Young Adult Class - Clyde Morgan
  • Children's Class - Mark and Joey Bowling

Worship Service - 11:00 AM

Church service normally begins with praise and worship, followed by prayer requests, testimonies, receiving of the offering, and the message. We have a children's church during the message, which is led by Mark and Joey Bowling. Service usually ends between 12:30 and 1:00 PM.

Our Pastor is Oscar Bowling - however on any given Sunday, any of the Elders or others may share the message.

Our Board of Elders consists of:

  • Oscar Bowling - Pastor
  • Clyde Morgan
  • Jim Wilson
  • Mark Bowling
  • Rich Ellison
  • Mike Metz

L-R; Clyde Morgan, Mark Bowling, Mike Metz, Rich Ellison, Pastor Oscar Bowling, Jim Wilson