Looking for a way to give back?  Want to share your love for others in a special way?  Want to show Jesus to others?


We’ve got an opportunity for you!!!


Wings Christian fellowship

h.a.lo. (helping and loving others) team

Needs you!!



When:  a Saturday in September (Date TBD)


For What:   A Day of Giving – We will solicit applications for people who need help with something – anything.  We will pray about the needs as a congregation and go help people for a day.  It could be a simple as cleaning someone’s home, visiting someone or praying for someone. It could be as complex as building something, painting for someone, planting a garden.  Whatever the need, we believe God will supply the resources to help us help others.  Once we get the needs in, we will create teams (if we need to) and get to work with a plan to help. 



Know someone who needs help?  An application can be found online at wingscf.com/Day of Giving.  Please feel free to make copies and give it out when you hear of a need.   



Want to help us?    Got an idea of something we can do?  Send an email to mjbowling@fuse.net


Wings Christian Fellowship - Day of Giving in September 2011